Monday, February 11, 2008

Left Handed Guitar Chord And Barre Chord Pictures

Like I said in an earlier post, I read an article about playing the guitar left handed where the author said that you shouldn't try to play a right handed guitar upside down because certain chords are impossible to make. I stated that that was a bunch of bull and now I am ready to back up my claim.
I have provided pictures of myself making "impossible" chords with my right hand.
Some of these chords are actually easier to make than when playing a left handed guitar. The basic G chord (see photo) is very simple and looks like an obscene gesture. I get funny looks with that one. With the Barre G the strings are completely pressed down on the third fret with the index finger and an E type chord is pressed with the remaining three fingers. I use the first three fingers for a basic A chord but you can also press these three strings with only the index finger if it is more comfortable. I have tried to make a basic F chord on a left handed guitar and found it difficult but when I make the chord upside down on a right handed guitar it is much easier.
I have only provided pictures of the basic chords and a few Barre chords that are used quite often, so if you are learning to play a right handed guitar left handed I hope they will help.

Ben Willis demonstrating the "left handed upside down guitar method".

A chord

B Chord

C Chord

D Chord

E Chord

F Chord

G Chord

B Barre Chord

D Barre Chord

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