Tuesday, October 6, 2009

How To Find A Left Handed Guitar

For Real Left Handed Guitar Players

Yes this post is for real left handed guitar players who want to know how to find a left handed guitar, and an extension of my last post. Of course you can use this info if you play upside down and want to restring a left handed electric guitar like I discussed before.

The reason that there are fewer left handed guitars is obvious, there are fewer left handed people. In the old days it was nearly impossible to find a left handed guitar at the local music store unless you lived in a large city. They usually had to be ordered and took weeks to get, but things have changed.

Vintage Guitar Stores

This may be the easiest and cheapest way to find a guitar. There are more vintage guitar stores than ever within driving distance for most people. They sell used guitars and sometimes you can barter for a price. Some of these guitars will be as expensive as a new one especially high end models like Martin or Taylor. They may have one or two left handed models in the store but the choices will still be narrow.Chain stores like Guitar Center offer a wide variety of new and used guitars. Your chances of finding a left handed model in stock are good.The Internet has many easy to find web sites that deal in left handed guitars. There are only a couple of problems when ordering over the Internet. You can't hold the guitar before putting out your money. You can't inspect it and play it first. You can't barter or trade in an old guitar. You must pay shipping and repay shipping if you return it. Most of these web sites give you three days to return the guitar if it doesn't suit you, and offer to pay return shipping if it arrives damaged. Some will not refund your money but offer a store credit. Most of these sites offer reasonable prices that are comparable to right handed guitar prices.I've never seen a left handed guitar in a pawn shop. My guess is that they don't buy them because it would be difficult to resell.

Ben Willis demonstrating the "left handed upside down guitar method".

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