Thursday, May 31, 2012

Left Handed Upside Down Guitar Chord Diagrams And Pictures Corrections

I had to make some corrections to the left handed upside down chord diagrams and pictures at the bottom of the page. I hope that no one got too confused. I had the B barre chord labeled as a B flat and the diagram for the E barre chord was incorrect. I also had the wrong picture for the B chord and the C chord is actually a C/G, but I'm going to leave that one as it is because it's still a C pitch-wise. I think it sounds better than a basic C.

The chord diagrams for the left handed guitar player playing a right handed guitar are in order now. They seem to get shuffled around every time I make a change to the template so I'll have to remember that the next time that I make a change. I think everything is correct and in order now.

Remember that these guitar chords and diagrams are the way that I make them and not standard for the guitar. They are made the same as a right handed chord, but the difference is in which fingers that you use to make the chord. The fingerings are at the bottom of the diagrams printed as numbers with the index finger being #1, the middle as #2, the ring finger as #3, and the pinky as #4. The number to the left of the diagram is the beginning fret with 1 being the bottom of the fingerboard, 5 being the 5th fret and 7 being the 7th fret. If you can copy the way that I do it than all the better. If you figure out your own method then that's good too. The pictures aren't really that much help but I have them there to show what the guitar chord actually looks like being played left handed on the guitar. I think that you should put more effort into the guitar chord diagrams. The photos don't give a clear view of where the fingers should be.

As I tell beginners who e-mail me for advice, learn how to play a few chords first and don't get too caught up in music theory. Music theory is good and you can learn it at the same time, but if you learn a song that you can sing and strum along with, it will inspire you to learn more.

If you're left handed and choose to play right handed that's fine. If you want to switch the guitar strings around, that's fine too. I'm only offering another option for the left handed guitar player.

Ben Willis demonstrating the "left handed upside down guitar method".

A chord

B Chord

C Chord

D Chord

E Chord

F Chord

G Chord

B Barre Chord

D Barre Chord

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